Kassegne MEMS Research Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering 

College of Engineering
San Diego State
San Diego, CA 92182

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News / Press Coverage

1) San Diego State University Improves MEMS Accelerometer Tunability - July 16, 2008. article here.

2) Sam's Research Group's work in 2003-2004 on software solution for wireless text messaging in a multi-script environment has been well received as a groundbreaking research. The outcomes include:

- 5 Patent Applications

- Press-Coverage (NY Times, Wired Magazine, Cape Times, Guardian, Taipei Times, Textually.org)

- Interview on VOA. (Interview in MP3 format)

3) Misc. Topics

- Interview with Admas Radio (January 2010). (Interview in MPEG format)

- Interview with Deutsche Welle Radio (Feb 2010). (Interview in MP3 format)

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