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For Research Students

Cleanroom Certification Program

Required Reading on Procedures

1) Introduction. Link

2) Positive Lithography. Link

3) Negative Lithography. Link

4) Metal Lift-off. Link

5) Plasma & CF4 Dry Etching. Link

6) Equipment List. Link

7) Examination. Link

8) Score-Sheet. Link

For Research & ME/EE 585/685 Students

Cleanroom Safety Documents

Microfabrication Facilities Instructions (Saravana Pitchaikani). Instructions.

Safety Training Material (Mike Frank + SDSU EHS). PPT File.


Microfabrication Procedures

Organic MEMS (C-MEMS) Lithography Procedures (Phoebe Shin & Michael Frank) (Description)

OLED (Green Pholed) Preparation Procedure (by Mohammad Majzoub & Pablo Martin-Ramos) (Description)

Organic PV Cells Preparation Procedure (by Ashish Gaikwad) (Description)

Negative Photolithography using SU-8 (by Berhanu K. Wondimu and Mohammad Majzoub) (Description)

Negative Photolithography using SU-8 for feature spacings < 100um (by Ashish Gaikwad and Mihir Parikh) (Description)

Positive Photolithography (by Namratha Tata & Vinot Kumar Vijayaraghavan) (Description)

Mask Preparation using AutoCAD (template file)

Mask Preparation using CoventorWare (sample - HW for EE/ME 685)

PDMS Mold Preparation Procedures (by Mike Frank) (Description)

Multi-layer Litho & Mask Alignment for Ag/SU-8 Blend (by Gunay Ozturk) (Description)


Link for CoventorWare 2010 Download (SDSU License Only). CoventorWare 2010.

Yahoo eGroups for SDSU MEMS Research Group -

Cleanroom & MEMS Lab Supplies Inventory.

Thesis Data & Publication Authorship Form. Link

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